Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birmingham digital remapping complete

Birmingham has become the first English city to be completely remapped by its own citizens. Maps of the city are freely editable and available at OpenStreetMap (OSM). The OpenStreetMap project, run by the OpenStreetMap Foundation, is an open source project that is building free online maps, not based on any copyright or licensed map data. Birmingham is not the first city to be remapped in this way, but it is the first city in the United Kingdom. 

According to OpenStreetMap, the digital map of Birmingham, is now more up-to-date and accurate than any other online map and only Ordnance Survey can claim to be more accurate, due to the technical and financial resources at their disposal. The data being used by OSM has been obtained from 100 volunteers who collected GPS data while cycling, walking, riding busses and trains and one volunteer even used a canal boat. They have mapped some 15,000 residential roads, 6,000 footpaths and 9,000 other roads in Birmingham (and over 700 bus stops, 300 pubs, 200 traffic lights and 300 postboxes).

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seminar on Gandhi

U.G.C. Sponsored National seminar is being organized by Department of Political Science, Amar Singh (P.G) College, Lakhaoti, Bulandshahr, UP, on 24-25 February, 2009. We are requesting you to send your paper along with an abstract latest by 10th Feb., 2009. It would be highly appreciated if you can send your paper with abstract through E-mail; or through registered post with CD, well in advance, so that the same can be published and circulated to the participants. We will publish the papers after the conference in the form of a book.
You are hereby requested to send your paper/article on any aspect of below mentioned themes, these are the tentative topics, you make chose any topic in an around the main theme of the conference.  
Main Theme: Gandhi in the 21st Century
Sub themes: 
1. Challenges of 21st century and Gandhian alternative
2. Locating Gandhi
3. Gandhi and Globalization
4. Gandhi and Contemporary World
5. Gandhi Science and Technology
6. Gandhi and Social Justice
7. Gandhi and Terrorism
8. Gandhi and Environment
9. Gandhi and Panchayati Raj institution