Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Allahabad Municipal corporation conducts survey using GIS

The Allahabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has completed the work of the survey of houses through GIS, within the municipal limits of the city. The employees of the tax department of AMC are verifying the houses which are currently added in the new survey and tallying it with the record. 

Sources in the AMC said that there are about 1,90,000 houses in the municipal limits which has been mapped through the GIS system. However, the total number of houses registered with the corporation is about 1,66,000. 

AMC undertook the survey through GIS to ascertain the number of houses which have come up in recent years. The purpose of the survey is to have a comprehensive record of the different types of the houses, the condition of the roads, the number of lanes in the localities and other details. This exercise has been taken to improve the financial condition of AMC.