Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Solar Power

Australia is one country where solar technologies are being used by residents and businesses. There are plenty of news in the Internet informing the public about the latest solar projects and some of the buildings and companies which have converted to solar energy.

In South Korea, the situation is the same especially with solar technology improving greatly and the costs of purchasing solar panels going down. Like in the country’s Gangneung city, a coastal city. You would see that quite a number of houses have gone ahead and installed solar panels on their roofs. Some of the owners of houses have also taken the liberty of putting up solar water heaters beside their solar panels.

Also, the country’s government has already been working on a new proposal - the building of a solar plant that would be able to create 20 megawatts. Experts say that if this project pushes through, it just may rise high above Spain’s own plant which is currently the largest solar farm in the entire globe.

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