Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ethiopia: Addis Gets New Map Containing Details like Minibus Routes

Ethio-German Urban Governance and Decentralization Program together with the Ethiopian Mapping Agency (EMA) launched a newly produced comprehensive Addis Ababa city map that shows minibus routs.

Briefing journalists, producers of the map said the city map provides a detailed overview of the whole city indicating official street names, major landmarks and selected heritage sites. A unique feature of the new map, according to the producers, is the first Addis Ababa mini bus route map that immensely helps tourists and navigates easily around the city.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Sultan Mohammed, Director General of EMA, indicated the map is a five in one product "The map is a five in one product that contains: the line map of Addis Ababa with a scale of 1:20,000, a satellite image of the central part of Addis Ababa with a scale of 1:6,000, a line map of the surroundings of Addis Ababa with a scale of 1:~1.3 million, a minibus route map and some landmark architectural heritage sites in Addis Ababa," explained Sultan.

"From the outset, we had agreed that the map produced in this cooperative arrangement should be of German quality, as German quality is recognized as the best by almost all in the world," Sultan added.

Prof. Meissner and his team from the University of Applied Science Berlin have been responsible for the cartographic work, while the EMA participated in the project in editing and field verification of the map.

Even though primarily intended for tourists, Director General of Ethiopian Mapping Authority, added the map is also a useful tool for the citizens of Addis Ababa to help them navigate through their fast growing and developing city.

"It is also an important instrument for city officials in their development planning and the promotion of good governance." He said the price would be 50 ETB + VAT.

Dr. Claas Knoop, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, on his part said different sources were used to provide up-dated information for inhabitants and guests of Addis Ababa.

To make the City Map most completed, the ambassador said the new map included the final version of the road network provided by Addis Ababa Roads Authority.

"The NGO Addis Woubet and research by Dr. Omnia Aboukorah and GTZ provided information about interesting architectural heritage sites," the ambassador said, adding CIM Expert Michael Maiwald has ensured the correct street names.

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